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The Poms I have available are listed below.  I breed only quality Poms so all puppies/ dogs have some Champions in their pedigree, and many have a Champion sire and/or dam.    
Some of you may not know that a Pom does not have to be a young puppy to BOND with a new owner.  If you give one of my Poms lots of love and affection, he or she will bond no matter what the age, as he/she has been shown love and been socialized in my home from day one.  Over the years I occasionally have young adults and older Poms go to new homes. Within a few weeks, the new owners tell me they are amazed how bonded they have become!
ALL my dogs are AKC registered
Nothing available at this time.


---Available Pet puppies---
Three Champion sired puppies, born Oct 9, 2012 
Sire: Ch Rain Beau N' Mi Babe Brotherly Love--"Phil"
Dam: Mi Babe Emerald Isle of Rain Beau--"Emmy"
Two will be available--one male, one tiny female.
Male- 2 lbs 7oz @ 9 1/2 wks  adult weight about 6+ lbs 
Female- 1 1/2 lb at 9 1/2 wks  adult weight about 4 lbs 
Will be available Dec 16, 2012   e-mail me at
or call 501-679-6683
          Pups have been sold


Boy at 6 wks



Boy at 7 wks
Puppy has been sold to
Debi and Ronnie in LA


Tiny girl at 6 wks


Tiny girl at 7 wks
Tiny Girl has been sold to Michele and Jack in Michigan


Girl and boy at 9 weeks


Girl at 9 wks


Boy at 9 wks

Sydney at 9 weeks
Sydney at 7 months

Sydney has been sold to
Laura R.  Watch for them at shows in the St Louis area.

Sydney--1st Show--WB for 1st point

Sydney winning WB at her first show.   She won WB again the next day and
went home with a new owner and 2 pts.

Sydney and Laura

Fanci has been sold
Fanci ~born June 30, 2009. Sire and Dam are both AKC Champions.
She currently weighs 6 lbs. at 2+ year old. Outgoing personality, good tailset, good bite, high earset, good legs.  Mother of a show quality puppy, soon to be shown.  Fanci  will be available as a brood to a small show/breeder home, or as a companion/pet. 
 Call  501-269-3699  or e-mail me.

Fanci--2 yearsold--June, 2011

Fanci has been sold, and has a new home with Shannon.

       AVAILABLE  PETS            
   Updated  Dec 14, 2012


Mountain Crest Girl Talk at Mi Babe, "Chatty"
CH sired female available for pet
Sire:  CH Mt Crest Rolling Stone
Dam: CH Mt Crest Talking Back
DOB:  12/ 23/ 05........Orange...5 1/2 lbs



Cami is a very pretty 9 yr old female, about 4 1/2 lbs, and is already spayed.  
She had one litter which produced a Champion.  
She longs for a good home with lots of love and attention.  
No cost to a good home.


This is JD, a recent Rescue I had.  

He was a sweet boy.  He found a 
very good home.

JD with a toy in his mouth.

My prices are not set in stone.  Prices are variable according to QUALITY and present circumstances.   Always, shipping is at buyer's expense.  If you can drive to my home or meet me at a show you may be able to save that expense. 
PETS: Puppies will be 10 weeks old, have their first shots, and be eating well before they go to new homes.  Prices for my pets vary according to their sex, age, size and quality.  I seldom have any females for sale, so if I have any, they are priced higher than males.   Pet male puppies are  priced from $300 up, pet females from $500 up. Young adult pet males are usually priced from $300 up.   Please provide references and be prepared to answer questions about how you will care for him/ her.  A deposit of $100--$200 is necessary to hold, but because of the time and work involved, IF, for some reason you do not take possession of the dog, most, but not all, of the deposit will be refunded.  ($50 of your deposit is nonrefundable)   
A contract is required for your benefit and mine..  E-mail me for more info.  The pets I sell are for your personal companions, I do not sell to people just wanting to breed pets. Spay/neuter is required for dogs sold as PETS, and they will have limited AKC registration.  (Limited AKC registration means they cannot be used for breeding.) 
SHOW PROSPECTS... (under 6 months) Some things such as males having both testicles, and scissors or even bite are guaranteed (as long as the new owner pulls puppy teeth at the appropriate age,) or puppy will be replaced. The personality of these pups depends so much on the owners socializing them.  The legs can also be inadvertantly harmed by owners who allow them to jump on and off of furniture, so I do not guarantee against broken bones or patellas injured from less than proper care.  I do guarantee against genetic illness/defects for the first year.  Under my contract, anyone getting a Pom from me has 3 days (not counting weekends) to take him/her in to be Health checked by your VET..  If they do not check out to your satisfaction, you must return him/her to me, because I will not pay any Vet bills for any treatment you authorize, and my vet must agree with the diagnosis for a full refund.  Call me immediately if there is a problem, don't wait a week or two!!  Failure of buyer to get dog VET checked in a timely manner will void Health Guarantee.
Show Prospect males will be priced from $600 up, and females from $1000 up.  A deposit is required to hold.  Ask more about my contract.  Shipping is at buyers expense.
SHOW QUALITY.. (6 month or older), your Pom will have no major faults, and be finishable. This means the new owner should be able to finish the dog IF they have ordinary handling and grooming skills themselves and are able to go to shows, or if they choose to hire a handler.  Most newbies need a mentor, and I am willing to help via telephone, e-mail, and at shows that I attend.  It would also be helpful to attend handling/ conformation classes with your Pom, if there are any in your area.
Males are priced from $1000 up, Females $1500 up.  A deposit  of $300 - $500  is required to hold.  A portion of that is non refundable ($100) if you change your mind, because of the work and time involved, and perhaps missing another sale. Many breeders think it is okay to keep ALL of your large deposit, if for some reason, you don't get the dog.  Or they will insist that the only other option is that you take another dog.  That seems like a ripoff to me, and I don't like ripoffs.  My policy is~ If you don't get the dog/puppy, most (but not all) of your deposit will be refunded to you, unless you choose to wait for another dog.
 Occasionally, when I have broods or stud dogs that are suitable for breeding, they will be available to breeders who SHOW.  Shipping is at buyer's expense and only when weather is acceptable. 
Occasionally, I have an adult Pom (usually 5 to 7 years old, sometimes older) available for adoption at low cost  ($50-$100), or sometimes no cost at all.   Homes with lots of love are required.     No registration papers will be given on dogs that are adopted.  PHONE or  E-MAIL  me if you are interested in adopting one of these guys or gals.   
 I do have some available now.
                     Call me at 501-269-3699 or 501-679-6683
      Updated Aug 15, 2012